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Registered Charity Number 1048844

Wales Romanian Aid was started in 1991 by Bill and Val Newton initially taking bus loads of aid to Romania and Moldova two impoverished Eastern European countries and to Croatia and Bosnia during the wars of the ninety’s.


In the past 25 years the charity has bought or built 148 new houses for families living in sheds and shacks in Romania and Moldova and to families in Bosnia and Kosovo whose houses were destroyed in the wars of the ninety’s.


The charity has put 76 young people through university or college in their own countries in Eastern Europe all from poor families. Today they are Doctors, Dentist, Vets, Engineers and Teachers and most of them have jobs locally.



Val Newton M B E

We have taken nearly 3000 very under privileged children for holidays in their own countries – camping in the mountains or beside the sea.


Val oversees the whole charity herself helped by her Social Worker, Marius Istrate in Romania and her helpers in Moldova,  Kosovo and Croatia.


We collect rice, pasta and tins every autumn from churches, chapels, schools, individuals in Wales and Skanda Vale Monastery in Carmarthenshire and transport it to Romania and Moldova where we help to feed hundreds of poor families and old people.


We have put electricity into many homes, bought cows, washing machines, fridges, cookers and furniture for poor families and sunk water wells. We have helped financially with medical problems especially for children.


Val and her late husband Bill both received the M.B.E for their charitable work from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.